19th March, 2013 - Fly to Lukla and trek to Chhutenga

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view from Lukla

19th March, 2013 - Kathmandu to Lukla to Chhutenga

The trek starts from Lukla.We got up at four in the morning and went to the airport in Kathmandu. We were there rather early so we managed to get the first flight to Lukla. The plane was very small and we were like 12-15 people in the plane. The weather was very good and we had a nice flight up to the mountains. Then it was time for landing…The landing strip in Lukla is very short and it is also leaning, but everything went just fine.

We walked from Lukla to Chhutenga. The trek took around 3-4 hours and was rather steep. The weather was sunny in the beginning but during the afternoon it became really misty and now around bedtime it is raining. It is very cold during the morning, afternoon and evening. We haven’t met any other trekkers today. Hopefully the sun will shine the whole day tomorrow:)

written by Caroline/Kristian