18th March, 2013 - Preperation Day

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Kristian and Caroline with Wongchu at Kathmandu

18th March, 2013 - Preparation day

Today we went to the office of Peak promotion and got our gear for the trip. This was a very special and interesting office. If you like climbing-equipment this was like coming to heaven :) Down in the cellar it was several rooms, all filled with different kind of equipment. It was ropes, ice axes, sleeping bags, tents, kitchen gear and much more. All over the wall you could see pictures of climbing exhibitions up on different peaks. We started to get really excited!! Adventure, bring it on!!

After lunch we took a walk in Kathmandu. It is so easy to get lost in this city. All the streets look the same and none of them have any names….. Kathmandu is a colorful and crazy city. It is people, dogs, cows and traffic all in the same street. During the evening we packed our bags and got ready for an early start next day.

written by Caroline/Kristian

Shopping day in Kathmandu