October 1, 2014 - Trek to Dharapani

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Annapurna Base Camp
1 - October, 2014 - Trek to Dharapani

Another stellar day, and without any afternoon rain!  A dozen Germans had driven to our hotel the night before so we got up early and lit out of Jagat just after 7:00 am.  Every year the road is pushed further up the valley, allowing people to drive longer and trek less. This has hit the lower villages hard that are now being bypassed by those on tighter schedules.  The other side affect is that the circuit often leaves the original trail dumping onto said road.  Sad but inevitable in our time-obsessed day and age, and I've been as guilty as the next in taking advantage of such conveniences.  That said, there were lots of spectacular portions of the original trail for us today, just as yesterday, including several bridge crossings and plenty of climbing/descending on amazing rockwork.  Lawrence Grassi had nothing on these trailbuilders.  Long mule trains worked with path loaded with trade items between the villages.  By 3:00 pm, I was pleased to see our destination.  As I write this I'm looking from our brand new hotel dining room up the valley of the Manaslu trek we had originally planned.  Looks awesome enough that I may have return to Nepal!