September 29, 2014 - Trek to Ngadi

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Annapurna Base Camp
29 - September, 2014 - Trek to Ngadi

The honking horns of Kathmandu have been replaced by the barking dogs of Annapurna, neither of which I can sleep through.  I've compensated by spending ten hours in bed each night in hopes of catching half as much shut eye.  But early this morning I caught my first glimpse of the Himalaya.  What monsters! Lamjung Himal was poking its white summit above the highest green terraces.  From where I stood there was 6,200 meters (20,000 feet) of vertical relief, five times that of the peaks around Canmore.  If mountains were male, Rundle would be having serious adequacy issues over here.  We set off at 8:30 am, my Sherpa guide Chhongnuri and faithful porter Mingmar.  We hiked along the road, which was less than ideal as there was a surprising amount of traffic.  Nonetheless the scenery was beautiful with the emerald green terraced hillsides plunging down to the boiling river. We set a leisurely pace stopping for tea in Khudi and lunch in Bhulbhule, where I tried some chicken momos (dumplings) which thereafter became my daily luncheon staple.  We were caught in the standard afternoon rains and took shelter in a tiny dwelling filled with three laughing children cute as buttons.  Once at our destination, I parked myself in the tea house's patio overlooking the narrow village street with an Everest beer in hand (which thereafter became my daily predinner staple).  The street was really an extended living room for the several adjoining houses and I spent the evening ringside enjoying the boisterous Nepali family life.  Joining me were trekkers from Denmark, Australia and, mostly, France.