How does one prepare to climb Everest ?

How does one prepare to climb Everest ?

What the trekking company feels should be in parallel, that is, it loves to share its proven preparations, as well as it loves to share its entire experience of what it is to be at the highest altitude in your life, what it is to be like crossing crevasses on the ladders made for you, and last but not least, what it is to be with its professional climbers, who focuses on what matters in a lonely, remote place or you can say what matters the most in a bottom line. To do things over there that have limited you effectively, the trekking company and its team prioritizes health, acclimatization, oxygen requirement, success, teamwork, and protection from icefall and avalanche. 

The company also feels the rules that you apply personally should not be treated indifferently, for example, the fear feeling from the base camp to the summit. It has taken these qualities personally by looking into your feelings, or converting your feelings into their greatest values, into its main objectives so that you can profit as a climber in various ways.

How long does it take to prepare to climb Everest ?

Yes, it takes one week, but that is on the soil of Nepal. And the trekking company does that accurately and says that proudly and loudly because of its years of experience because it looks at your requirements from a totally different angle. During preparation, you are also taught how to turn the challenges into opportunities you will be facing during the expedition from camp I to camp IV by a trekking company and its Sherpas. Some preparations include the usage of ropes, oxygen, and equipment, as well as being mentally strong and following the footsteps of the Sherpas, who are champions at providing all the information from equipment used to set up the tents in the safest place, including the heart chilling experience at 8000 m or beyond. There might be a sudden change due to a drastic change in weather, but the trekking company would like to tell you that Everest is not a difficult climb and is conquerable.

Can a normal person climb Mount Everest ?

Yes, everybody can climb this mountain, including you. It would be outdated to say that most of the climbers are experienced ones. The trekking company wants to remove this misconception from your brain because it wants to say most of the climbers who summited are first-timers. Because it has helped many climbers to reach the summit of Everest, it has done it with its determination and super continuous support that gives a powerful advantage to the first-time climbers. This is possible because of its climbers or Sherpas, who look upon a climber as a part of the family and adopt the specific techniques to specific requirements. If this is their feelings towards you, then carrying enough oxygen cylinders is also part of their full-planned well preparation because the cylinder enhances the climbing performance and reduces risk chances. This is what makes the Everest expedition with them 101% successful. Above all, they provide mental strength at the altitude of 8000 m and speak reserved words in front of you so that you will be inspired and be able to turn yourself from an underperformer to a wizard performer.

How good of shape do you need to climb Everest ?

Yes, you have to be in good shape, and you can be like that through the approach called the Everest expedition is mental preparation, which is the first thing first. This conception is what should matter to you most before you eventually decide on the Everest expedition. Because the expedition that you are going to do includes strenuous activities, and to some climbers, loneliness and homesickness might get traced on their minds and hearts in the most negative manner. But you got to remember that every day expedition will be a new experience for you. And the newest experience is a summit success which means the greatest bonus point in your life. Since you will be heading to a high altitude every day, you need more and more oxygen to maximize the function of your heart. You can reach this stage by walking the staircase uphill in your country. Running is also a good alternative; running 3 miles every day for 6 months pays you immensely. Similarly, swimming also pays you off.

Can you climb Everest in a day ?

No, but you can reach the base of Everest in a helicopter in 5 hours, that too from Kathmandu. To summit Everest, you need at least 60 days. These days also include your arrival day in Nepal and a walk from Lukla to the base camp. From the base camp, you will have a fully guided transformational expedition from a trekking company. Its climbing guide will support and accompany you from Kathmandu to Lukla, as well as on a further journey. As you head from the base camp, there are 4 camps in the midst of your unseen challenging journey. The journey from camp IV to the summit is the most adventurous one because you are ascending to the height of 8000 m plus. At this rare massive height, you need to build up your courage both from your heart and mind to reach the top of the world. 

What is the best age to climb Everest ?

Yes, there is a prescribed age to climb Everest. Rules are made to be followed, not to be broken. When it comes to the minimum age, you should be 16. To entice you, there is no maximum age to reach the top of the world from the Nepal side. That is what the NEPAL MOUNTAINEERING ASSOCIATION has prescribed. 

Can you climb Mount Everest with no experience ?

Yes, you can climb the world’s tallest mountain without experience with a trekking company that recognizes your climbing weakness and has empirical experience. But from your side, the trekking company needs an assurance that you have to do the jogging and eat healthy food. Walking will make a huge difference in strengthening your knees and legs that will effectively help you reach the top of the world. Every walk is an effort, followed by a great reward. In addition to this, there is a  massive effect of altitude mountain sickness. You should not be immune to this kind of sickness. More importantly, this is mental preparation to reach the top of Everest. On this mountain, the Sherpas will teach you how to climb on a steep slope that is 45 degrees or 60 degrees. The steep slope you are going to climb is rocky. Whether it is rock climbing or ice climbing, you need a crampon and an ice ax in addition to a jumar, ascender, and a fixed line of rope.