What do you need to pack for Everest Base Camp Trip ? The Packing List

What do you need to pack for Everest Base Camp Trip ? The Packing List

Are you packing for Everest Base Camp Trek ? We help you to plan efficiently from start to finish. You can bring your own trekking gear or if you want to buy it in Kathmandu then you can buy it at our agency’s trekking store as well. Your trekking gear helps you to combat with the unwanted condition of the Everest region. The gears that we suggest you keep you warm and comfortable on the rough terrain.

There are also essentials we have mentioned below that you should bring in the trek. Let’s imagine your trek starts in a perfect sunshine at a low altitude and ends at a higher altitude in the rain and cold temperature. Looking at these conditions, we have perfected what you can call gear arsenal, what you can call trekking clothing in the Everest region. With these, you explore nature keeping your body warm from head to feet in the coldest corner of the Himalayas.

Trekking Clothes For Everest Base Camp Trek

Moisture-wicking long-sleeve T-shirts

This is very important as it helps you to prevent from freezing up. This layering is needed during the months of December, January, and February. If you are trekking in these months, you need to wear the moisture-wicking long-sleeve t-shirt which will draw off moisture. If you don’t wear this wicking, the temperature of your body falls, and there might be frostbite. It also keeps your inner cloth dry. On the other hand, the middle layering keeps your body warm. It is like insulation.

Down Jacket

down jacket for Everest climbing

Down jacket prevents you from the unwanted conditions of fog and snow at a higher altitude in a cold place. You also need to wear another moisture-wicking short-sleeve t-shirt as a layer at the innermost level that touches your skin. Down jacket should be worn as a base layer over the moisture-wicking long-sleeve t-shirt and moisture-wicking short-sleeve t-shirt. The down jacket you purchased can be packed easily in a day pack. The best thing is it keeps you warm throughout the trekking trail.

Rain Poncho

Carry the following gears to make your trek more enjoyable. Last but not least, the rain poncho protects your entire body and day pack from the rain. It has a wide coverage than a rain jacket. Further, you can also use it as a tarpaulin. It is a great emergency tool. Please take the following gears seriously. Trust us.

Essential Gears for the Everest Base Camp Trek

Even if you are an experienced trekker, you may forget some essentials mentioned below; check off them before you hit for the Everest Base Camp Trek. As you are ready to go a long distance like this, you have to also know the flight weight limit.

Hiking Hat

Buy a hiking hat that will protect you from sunlight. You will find it comfortable. It is cool, and in one sense, it plays a great role in maintaining your health condition. It does protect your neck and face from the sun.

Neck Gaiter

Another way to protect your neck is by using a gaiter. The gaiter that we use is an essential piece of cloth during trekking. You can use it to cover your head or your mouth from the cold while walking or sleeping. It also keeps the dust away from your nose.

Base Glove

Now, by wearing inner gloves, you build a base layer to keep your hands warm as well as dry. When you wear gloves outside, you will layer the inner glove and be able to protect the hand from the bitterest cold temperature. Both of them protect you from rain, snow, and cold. Also be sure to check out the following gears before heading to the base camp.

Hiking Boot

Your leg is as important as the upper part. Wearing a hiking boot, you will support your ankle, keep your feet dry on the tricky terrain, as well as while walking off trail. You should go for a hiking boot that is stable, breathable, and light. The boot must give space for your toe to spread. This is what makes your feet healthy.


Do you need sunglasses for hiking as well as for seeing snow? When you buy the glasses, look for the one that reflects light and UV rays. A great piece you should carry when you are engaged in outdoor activities. At the same time, it must be fitting and comfortable.

Camp Shoe

After 7 hours, it is time to take off your hiking boot, and be prepared to wear a camp shoe. As you are in a camp shoe in a lodge, your feet will feel ultra light, and the shoe is opened air. It is well ventilated. You feel you are in heaven at the end of the day. When you are in a camp shoe, it must give you maximum comfort. Buy such a one.

Broad Brimmed Hat

As  you trek, you will see a clear sky. The sun is shining brightly, and it is time to protect your face and neck from the sun’s rays. A broad-brimmed hat constitutes the protection. Not only that, it is comfortable. You will stay safe, and you can easily pack it in your bag. You have got yourself covered with the following trekking gears.

Important Trekking Gear in the Everest region

Since you are trekking from a low altitude to a high altitude to the base of the world’s highest mountain, you will be in a remote world where you are cut off from the basics of the modern world. Most of the items we have mentioned below look all important to you, but you have to take into consideration the weight of the luggage from Kathmandu to Lukla flight. The weight limit is 15 kg, and within this limit, you have to include all the following essentials.

Duffle Bag


The duffle bag we provide you, it makes the packing easier and is water resistant. It is also light weight, and it comes with a strap. This makes it easy to carry for a porter. At the airport, you can carry it on your back easily. If it is not fully packed, you can make your duffle bag as a hand bag. It can be compressed and is foldable.

Walking Stick

Walking Stick For Everest Base Camp Trek

Walking is full of fun in a remote place, but in some places, you need support. A walking stick creates confidence and supports your body weight. It also creates steadiness. You can lean on this  stick on a steep hill. Descending becomes easier with this stick. Overall, a walking stick prevents you from falling and slipping. A great asset.

Trekking Backpack

duffle bag

Heading to the mountain without carrying a backpack is missing the right gear. A trekking backpack must be comfortable and should come with a hip belt. Side pockets will be a plus point. A trekking backpack must have functionality. You should go for a padded shoulder strap backpack as well as you should go for an ultra light and affordable one.

Water Bottles

Water Bottle For Everest Base Camp Trek

In addition to this, yes, you need an insulated water bottle in the extreme temperature in the Everest region. It is more than an ideal bottle. Sip water from a narrow slip lid, keep yourself away from dehydration, and head to the destination. You can also keep tea and coffee or simply cold water in it.

Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag for everest base camp trek

At night, the most important trekking gear is a sleeping bag. While buying it, please check its temperature rating. Your sleeping bag must be compressible, ultra light, comfortable, and warm. When you wake up, you must be refreshed. Always use a compression sack to pack a sleeping bag.

Headlamp with extra batteries

Head light for Everest Base Camp Trek

When the night falls, you also need a head lamp. As you head to Kalapatthar to see the world’s stunning view of Everest before dawn, the importance of a headlight cannot be ignored. The headlamp keeps you on a trekking trail. It must be water proof, and its battery life must run from 25 hours to 180 hours. You can charge the battery by paying the lowest rate in a lodge.

Bag for dirty clothes

You know trekking is tiring as well as sweating. That’s why, we have recommended you to wear moisture-wicking long-sleeve t-shirts. You have to change your clothes and keep them in a bag. If you don’t change it, there will be irritation. Carrying a bag helps you to stay clean and tidy.

Camera with extra batteries

You already know that the Everest region is loaded with snow – covered mountains. All the trekkers want to capture this scene in their cameras. They will be trekking for more than 3 hours every day, so you can imagine the number of mountains you will see. As you take the photos, you must know that your camera must be water resistant, and the battery power must run longer. Always focus on the latter. Side by side, please also look the following gears once again. Also check the GB of your camera’s memory card.

Why pack these items for Everest Base Camp Trek ?

You know how long you will be on a trek. The itinerary is already in your hand. You know the nights you will stay in a lodge. Also, you know the days you will walk at a high altitude. At some points, it could rain; it could become dry; it could become -2 degrees, etc. Be prepared with your hiking gear and hiking clothes, and maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the trek as well as in a lodge.

What not to forget for Everest Base Camp Trek ?

Once again, please look at the trekking gears on the Everest Base Camp Packing List. You already know how far you are going, and how remote the place is. While packing, be sure to include the items we have mentioned above.

What items you can buy in Kathmandu ?

When it comes to personal trekking gear interest, there is no place better than buying locally made Nepali gears. Of all the places in Nepal, Kathmandu is the perfect place to buy inexpensive and hire trekking gear. They come within your pocket. All the gear are washable, water – resistant, durable, and comfortable.  While buying these gears, our trekking guide will help you by taking you to different shops and by checking stitches and zippers.

We have been trekking in the Everest region for more than 30 years, and this outdoor activity is our passion. And in this course of time, we have seen and tested the performance of our trekking gear by being with trekkers from all over the world.