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40 Days



8188 M


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Spring/ Autumn

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7/8 Per Day


Mt. Cho Oyu, the "Turquoise Goddess" in Tibetan is the second most popular mountain to climb in the Himalaya. It rises 8201m above sea level and is situated in the middle part of the Nepal's Himalaya lying north of Tingri. It is about 30 km west from Everest at the head of the Gokyo valley. Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world and it is considered as the best among 8000ers to climb before climbing Mt. Everest. Peak Promotion has organized several expeditions to Cho Oyu. One of the Cho Oyu expedition  that we organized was for Ed Viesturs, Viekka Gustafsson and Jimmy Chin in the spring of 2005. This was their aclimatizing expedition before Annapurna. Ed and Viekka Climbed Annapurna right after climbing Cho Oyu and Ed became the first American to climb fourteen 8000 m.

1952: First reconnaissance of Cho Oyu's Northwest face by Edmund Hillary and his party.

1954: Austrian expedition, under the leadership of Herbert Tichy, make a spectacular first ascent without oxygen on the Northwest face. This new style of climbing big mountains with alpine techniques rewrote mountaineering history.

1958: Second ascent by an Indian expedition. Sherpa Pasang Dawa Lama, who was part of the first ascent, reached the peak for the second time. First death on Cho Oyu.

1959: Four member of an expedition are killed in an avalanche during a failed international women's expedition.

1964: Controversial third ascent by a German expedition. No proof of reaching the summit. Two mountaineers die in Camp 4 of exhaustion at 7600 m (25,000 foot) height.

1978: The Austrian alpinists, Koblmuller and Furtner,  succeeds in a spectacular ascent of the extremely difficult and dangerous southeast face.

1983: Reinhold Messner succeeds on his fourth attempt.

1985: First winter ascent of the South buttress by a Polish expedition. The South Buttress is the most difficult route on Cho Oyu to be completed successfully.


Cho Oyu is taken as excellent acclimatization trip for a summit attempt to Mt. Everest. It provides the preparation of high altitude climb skill for the climbers to starts for 8000ers peaks. Climbers should have taken mountaineering training that must have excellent knowledge for using crampons, rappelling with a back pack and use ascenders on a fixed line rope. We also recommend to the climber to get training from the respected alpine training club. Cho Oyu expedition gives lesson of using bottle oxygen system with regulator masks and helps one to be healthy at the elevation of 8000meters. Physical and Psychological condition is equally important for the climber to attempt Cho Oyu. One should be able to walk in high with carrying a load of

Around 30lbs or more and should be able to face obstacle by both physical and mental preparation. Pre climbing skills experience helps the climbers to keep fit and strong. We also would like to recommend to climb at least 6000ers Mountains before climbing Cho Oyu.

                    Our expedition starts from Nepal. Upon an arrival, Peak Promotion’s staff will be at airport to pick up and transfer to Hotel. Next two days will be the preparation days for climbing. During those days there will be climbers’ introduction, guide meeting, equipments check, buying the equipments if needed and visa preparation etc. The journey for expedition begins from the fourth day. The group and staff will wake up early in the morning and drive to Zangmu. On the way at boarder there will be costumes clearance and then all members and crew will head to Zangmu by 4 wheel drive. On 9th day we will reach to Base camp where we meet Yak Drivers and their Yaks. Yak will carry our loads to Advance Base Camp which is near to the Nangpa- La pass. We will stay at

Base Camp for two nights organizing loads and gears as well as rest. Next day we follow the trail to Advance Base Camp. We will set up camp there and starts our expedition.

               Experienced: Peak Promotion was established in 1992. Since then, we have achieved lots of experiences by organizing Cho Oyu and different other expedition to the Nepal and Tibet’s Himalaya. Peak Promotion first organized Sweden Cho Oyu expedition in 1992 with Goran Kropp in spring and with Spanish team Manuel Gonzalez and his group in autumn. We have worked with veteran mountain climbers. In 2005 spring we successfully organized the Annapurna and Cho Oyu expedition for Ed Viesturs, Veikka Gustafsson and Jimmy Chin. Cho Oyu was their acclimatization trip to Annapurna.


Peak Promotion is highly responsible to give quality services to its client. We are not only responsible for our clients and staff but equally serious about the environment too. After finish expedition we have one day for cleaning. Our staffs clean Advance Base Camp and bring all wastages substances back.

Personal Climbing Sherpa on Full Board: Success on a mountain also depends on your climbing partner. A good climbing partner makes your chance of success very high. Thus, on full board expedition, we always provide a Personal climbing Sherpa to each climbing members for safety and more chance of success. All of our climbing Sherpas are well trained and have good experience in high altitude climbing. Our all climbing Sherpas are well trained and were already climbed Mt. Everest and others 8000ers peaks including many small mountains.

Qualified and experienced staffs: Those staffs that we engage for the two month Everest Expedition is well trained and experienced in their respective jobs. We normally send the same staff for the same job every year which make them more experienced and confident on their job.