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Phoksundo & Upper Dolpo Duration 34 Days
Phoksundo & Upper Dolpo Accommodation Camping/Tea House
Phoksundo & Upper Dolpo Altitude 4545m
Phoksundo & Upper Dolpo Walking 4/5 per Day
Phoksundo & Upper Dolpo Season Spring/ Autumn
Phoksundo & Upper Dolpo Country Nepal

Many people describe western Nepal as "unexplored". It is remote and unknown from the Western viewpoint because of its relative unknown inaccessibility and it distance from Kathmandu, the capital city. The Dolpo region is the natural embodiment of high passes, rare flora and fauna, and sweeping vistas, which is enriched by the traditional Tibetan cultural heritage. This region, surrounded by Dhaulagiri and Tibet from south and north, respectively, is regarded as a blend of natural and cultural phenomena. The history and anthropology of this region of Nepal is complex and fascinating. The region is predominantly Hindu. Tibetans make up only a small part of the population, yet they have had a significant influence on the area through trading. It was opened in 1991 for trekking. This region lies on the north side of Himalayas, it is also a rain shadow area and the climatic situation of this place is same as that of Mustang. One of the longest treks in Nepal is Dolpo Trek that takes 34 days to complete. In this trek, the maximum elevation will be 4,530 m. to 5,115 m. and is one of the most arduous treks of the country.

Itinerary for Phoksundo & Upper Dolpo Trek

 Days                               Plan
Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02 Sightseeing in Kathmandu (Baudhanath, Pasupatinath and Patan)
Day 03 Extra Days for flight 
Day 04 Flight to Nepalgunj
Day 05 Trek Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475m)
Day 06 Trek Juphal to Kageni (2413m)
Day 07 Trek Kageni to Rechi (2940m)
Day 08 Trek Rechi to Phoksundo (3733m)
Day 09 Rest day at Phokhsundo 
Day 10 Trek Phoksundo to Sallahghari (3770m)
Day 11 Trek Sallahghari to High Camp (4675m)
Day 12 Trek High Camp to Shey Gumba (4545m)
Day 13 Trek Shey Gumba to Namgung Gumba
Day 14 Trek Namgung Gumba to Saldang (3770m) - Caravan Hiro's Home
Day 15 Rest day at Saldang - visit village, school, Monasteries
Day 16 Trek Saldang to Yangjer (3750m)
Day 17 Trek Yangjer Gumba to Musigaon (4100m)
Day 18 Trek Musigaon to Chanpola Goth (4226m)
Day 19 Trek Chanpola Goth to Tinjegaon (4150m)
Day 20 Trek Tinjegaon to High Camp
Day 21 Trek High Camp to Dho Tarap (3944m)
Day 22 Rest day at Dho Tarap
Day 23 Trek Dho Tarap to Chharkala Base Camp
Day 24 Trek Chharkala Base Camp to Yak Kharka 
Day 25 Trek Yak Kharka to Chharka Village
Day 26 Trek Chharka Village to Yak Kharka
Day 27 Trek Yak Kharka to Sallahghari
Day 28 Trek Sallahghari to Sangda Village (3710m)
Day 29 Trek Sangda to Phalyak (3175m)
Day 30 Trek Phalyak to Jomsom
Day 31 Flight from Jomsom to Pokhara 
Day 32 Flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu 
Day 33 Kathmandu - Rest day - Shooping around Thamel area
Day 34 International Flight to Home
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