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15 Days



5520 M


best season

Spring/ Autumn

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4/5 Per Day


        Langtang valley and Yala Peak lie in the northern part of Kathmandu and southern part of Tibetan border. Where we can explore both Lantang valley and Yala Peak in short period of trekking. Lantang is a beautiful valley, which is surrounded by high peaks and from Lantang we can observe the breathtaking scenery. One of the British mountaineer Bill Tilman explained it as a most beautiful valley in the world. In this valley people are taking interest for trekking to visit the glacier of the low elevation. On the way, we have to passes through dense forests, terraces, green hills and we can also see pasture land. The main ethnics groups of this region are Tamang, Tibetan Lama and Sherpa also. Tamang people have somehow same culture, language and dress of like Tibetan Lama. They have their own culture and tradition, which may be different and interesting for you.

After crossing the beautiful Langtang valley our trail goes towards Yala Peak, which is one of the easier trekking peak of the Nepal and popular trekking peaks of Langtang region. For climbing this peak you didn’t need to have mountaineering experience. We can see different types of vegetation like flora and fauna, pine, spruce, Juniper, alpine etc on the way. In Kyanjin Gompa (way to Yala peak) we can visit Monastery and Cheese making factory. From the base camp of Yala Peak we can see the fascinating view of Naya Kang, Tserko RI, Ganchepo, Yala peak and from the summit of Yala Peak we can see the beautiful view of Dorje Lakpa, Shisapang, Naya kang, Ganchenpo, Tserko RI, Langtang Lirungand many other Tibetan Mountains.

So, the Langtang valley trek and Yala peak climbing is the most interesting trip, where you can explore the beautiful Lantang valley and Yala peak and see the fascinating Mountain View of Nepal and as well as Tibet also. You can also explore the Tibetan culture, tradition, language and dress.