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Machhapuchhre model trek Duration 8 Days
Machhapuchhre model trek Accommodation Camping/Tea House
Machhapuchhre model trek Altitude
Machhapuchhre model trek Walking 4/5 per Day
Machhapuchhre model trek Season Spring/ Autumn
Machhapuchhre model trek Country Nepal

Out of many newly identified trekking trails, Machhapuchhre model trek is one. The trail was identified and developed by TAAN Western Regional Chapter Pokhara to promote Pokhara and its surrounding areas. Machhapuchhre model trek covers 7 major VDCs and holds immense potential for trekking and hiking activities. Its initial exploration and concept was developed in support of the Nepal Tourism Board.

Machhapuchhre model trek is the newly opened trekking area in Nepal; this fresh trekking trail offers pristine mountain views and scenic beauty of streams, rich vegetation along with the culture & art, lifestyle of the ethnic dwellers & genuine adventure. Where the trekker can not only enjoy the views but also explore the local cultures & traditions. Its value, attraction & power of beauty can be realized through the Pokhara.

This trail also holds importance in the context of road construction in the traditional Annapurna Region and can play as an alternative route to the same. This exotic trek is developed into 2 fold models i.e. camping trek as well as village tourism. This alternative route touch in 8 different villages enroute  like;- Lachock, Ghachok, Machhapuchhre, Ribhan, Lwang, Ghalel, Sardikhola & Dhital thus benefiting 16000 local villagers and several communities.
The trekker may choose the length of trekking as per their convenience and time availability: from 3-8 days. There are 2 options for the trekkers choosing 7 nights and 8 days trekking on this route.

This trekking starts from Pokhara to Ribhan on the day1. Trekkers reach to Khumai on the 7-8 days trekking encompasses beautiful village of Lachock, Ribhan, Ghachok, Hile, Odane hill, Chichimle, Kharka, Khumai, Korchung, Pipar, Takra, Imu, Kwiwan, Lwanghalel, Karuwa, Mardi pool, Dhipranga….etc.
Day1: Pokhara- Lachok- Ribhan.
Day2: Ribhan- Odane hill- Chichimle Khark.
Day3: Chichimle Khark- Khumai.
Day4: Khumai- Korchung- Kharka.
Day5: Khark- Gibli- Takra.
Day6: Takra- Imu- Kwiwan- Lwanghalel.
Day7: Lwanghalel- Mardi pool.
Day8: Mardi pool- Pokhara.

This trail starts from Pokhara to Hile on the first day and proceeds to Khumai on the second day. It encompasses Korchung, Kharka, Pipar, Karuwa, Ghiprang, Gharchok 
& Mardi pool villages before concluding in Pokhara.
Day1: Pokhara- Ghachok- Hile.
Day2: Hile- Khumai.
Day3: Khumai- Korchung- Kharka.
Day4: Kharka- Pipar.
Day5:  Pipar- napping area.
Day6: Pipar- Karuwa.
Day7: Karuwa- Ghiprang- Ghackok.
Day8: Ghachok- Mardipool - Pokhara

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