April 3, 2016 - Second Day in Everest Base Camp

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WMS 2015
April 3, 2016 - Second Day in Everest Base Camp

The WMS group awoke to a chilly morning in Everest Base camp whih rapidly resolved once the sun came over the mountains. Everyone was paired up in our tents with toilet tent (with bucket!) at one end of the camp and dining and cooking tents at the other.  The team has been creating enticing and enormous meals that are astounding in their variety and use of fruits and vegetables!!! 

After eating our fill we headed off to the Everest ER tent to check up on the new tent.  The team of Tash, Tatiana and Yogi were hard at work organizing supplies inside the beautiful # Weatherporttent which was all racheted together.   On the way over we got another look at the setup of the basecamp.  The entire basecamp is founded on a glacier covered with scree and every tent base is constructed by flattening the ice and stacking boulders to make a flat foundation.  The place has the feeling of a frontier town with each expedition staking out their tents and breaking up their bit of the glacier with pickaxes and hoes.   The climbers arrive in a week or so.   

On our return trip we had a short foray into the famous icefall, supervised by Pimba Uri, Koomba and Phree.  The groups usually head off early in the morning to camp 2 heading up to the right of the glacier.  Our group decided to content ourselves with a pyramid formation and some scorpion poses on the ege of the icefall.

The WMS group returned to our camp for another impressive lunch.  Some of the more inspired members of the group even did some laundry and personal grooming!  For the afternoon we were led by Pimba Uri and Luanne among the stunning ice formations.  The blue ice seems to glow from within and melts into fantastical shapes.   

In the evening Rachel was kind enough to walk us through her role in triaging the casualties from the avalanche at Everest Base Camp in 2015.  She took care to emphasize the assistance of the other doctors, guides and kind volunteers.  These people helped care for so many patients before they could be transferred by helicopter to further care.  To lighten the mood of her talk she provided fried oreos.  

After dinner Pula shared his videos of his uncle and mentor Wongchu's last days and funeral.  He explained that Wongchu was admired by many people because of his philanthropic work in his home village.  The evening closed the group members sharing slideshows of our trip to this point.