April 1, 2016 - Trek to Gorakshep

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WMS 2015
April1, 2016 - Trek to Gorakshep

Musa Masala is here! And this is no April Fool's joke. But we really did a trick on our Sherpa friends, Pemba and Nima, this morning by playing a very complex game of "hide-from-morning-hot-tea." This involved risking the warmth of our sleeping bags, extra 30minutes of sleep and possibly the good disposition of our guides. But our hypoxic brains agreed on the 15 of us cozying  up in one room, leaving the concerned Sherpas looking for us all over the Kumbu valley.  Tears of joy were in their eyes when they stumbled upon us begging for 15 cups of hot tea.

The morning activities culminated with Didi Lulu leading an intense warm-up that involved cheek pinching,  eh hem bootie bumping and then Gangnam  styling for almost 2 minutes. A record at 4900m.

Energized and now even more oxygen deprived, we proceeded to the Pyramid Italian Research Center, otherwise known as scientific Euro luxury resort. Musa and all of us were impressed by the beautiful building, extensive research and most  importantly state of the art bathrooms, sporting soap, lights, mirror,  and hair dryer/karaoke machine. Jokes aside, Musa signed up for the research intern position.

We then dreamily strolled on the ridge towards Everest, enjoying the beautiful views and being fueled by George's jolly ranchers.  We had to stop short at Gorakshep.  Papa Phula said it was a bad idea to go for the summit today. Instead we challenged the Sherpas to the highest international football match, attended by wild horses, ill-tempered yaks and rescue helicopters. Wilson the duct tape ball and Musa Masala the Himalayan mouse cheered us on to the beat of Jamiraquai, causing us to score 2 victorious goals and then retire to climb Kalaar Patar for a dramatic sunset viewing. Tomorrow is our summit day. Papa Phula says it'll be cold, "don't do the naked."