April 12, 2016 - Island Peak Summit

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April 12 2016 - Island Peak Summit

we started from the advance base camp at 12.45am towards the summit. The weather was very good and clear no wind. We reached the crampon point or we can say the ice peak areas at 4.00am.we were walking in rope all the team during the walk that we had to cross two ladders over ice crevices. We had to jummar a 70 degree ice wall of almost 300mts, after which we reached the ridge. our guide was mentioning that after the earthquake he total ridge and the inclined ice wall had changed and the peak had many pointed ice scales and very rough ice textures, as compared to the smooth surface which was previously. We reached the island summit at 7.45am and still the weather was very clear and the view from top was very very beautiful. We took pictures from top. We can see the beautiful south face of Lothse. We can even see Makalu, Nupthse, Amadablam, Peak 38, etc etc. After waiting on the peak for almost 45 mins we started back 8.30am. we reached the advance base camp at 12.30pm safely and totally exhausted.