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Title: Annapurna Base Camp Trek - GGIM (Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering)

April 14, 2016 - Annapurna Base Camp

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Island Peak Expedition
April 14, 2016 - Annapurna Base Camp

We started today sharp at 8 am after having a lavish breakfast from Chomrong. After a walk of two and half hours of down and steep up (lots of stairs :)), we reached Shinuwa. During this walk, we came across nice hanging bridge, scenic pathways full of beautiful bamboo trees and multiple flowers and butterflies. At Shinuwa, we had a small tea break. Team rested for some time and had tea/coffee and snacks, which we carried.  After Shinuwa, we headed towards Bamboo. It took us two hours to reach Bamboo. As the name suggests, route to Bamboo is full of bamboo trees at both sides of the trees. So far in our trek the weather was extremely cloudy and humid. Team was quite exhausted due to temprature and humid weather. Today's trek was not as steep as earlier two days and at many stretches it was deep descend. At Bamboo we had stumptous lunch consisting of Pizzas, Minestrone Soup, Garlic Soup, famous Dal Bhat followed by hot tea. Team rested for about an hour after lunch and we headed to Dovan. It was a pleasant walk and we encountered a lot of small streams, bridges, bamboo trees, variety of beautiful ferns and butterflies. There were many flowerbeds along the route. It was quite scenic valley at the right hand side and picturesque mountains at the left and the only music one hear on this route is the song of the river. Weather soon became very cloudy and it was about to rain, so we increased our pace and reached Dovan, just in time. Rain started and lasted for 15 minutes when we reached. After the rain the views of the valley became slightly more clear. Day ended with a nice warm dinner and chit chat in warm clothes.