30th March, 2011 - Cho La Pass

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Cho La Pass

The day started out in anticipation of the dreaded Chola Pass (17,900 ft) supposedly the hardest part of our trek; however, the weather, the company and our A+ trekking abilities made it very enjoyable. Each day seems to be getting better than the last! This was the best all around trekking day!

We walked across the valley from Dzongla and then had to traverse over rocks up a steep climb, to be welcomed by a beautiful, expansive field of snow. We trekked across the snow field to reach the pass where we left our fourth prayer flag, offering a continued blessing to our trip. After taking a small break, watching the clouds come in (at 9:30 a.m.) and enjoying some snacks we started down the treacherous decline towards our destination for the day of Thangnag which we successfully reached without any mishaps, much to the delight of Tendi Sherpa!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and chatting with some Aussie "mates" we met along the way.