27th March, 2011 - Trek to Lobuche

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A pleasant day's trek today! We started out with our porter, Dendi, from Dingboche (13,500 ft) with a short climb and then enjoyed a slow climb to Lobuche (16,240 ft), the jumping off point for our trek to Base Camp! Along the way, we passed a memorial for climbers who lost their lives attempting Everest, including Scott Fischer of the 1996 expedition featured in the book, Into Thin Air.

We arrived midday, enjoyed lunch and the headed out for a short climb to see the Khumbu Glacier. The snow started falling and eventually drove us inside for some cards with our guides. Ryan pulled off the win and then we headed to bed to rest up for the BIG DAY!!!!!


Yak Cheese!! Picture pose
Memorial of Scott Fischer..He was died during his summit in 1996 when there was disaster in Mt. Everest. The tragic disaster ever.
On the way to Lobuche