25th March, 2011- Trek to Dingboche

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Trek to Dingboche

As planned, we woke up at 5 a.m. to watch the sun rise on Everest and it was spectacular!  We took some great photos, enjoyed an early breakfast and then, with Canine Sherpa leading the charge, started our trek to Dingbouche (approximately 13,500 ft).  Along the way, we saw Nepalese mountain goat and stopped in Pangboche at the oldest Buddhist monastery in the Khumba region and got blessed by the lama for safe travels.  

We enjoyed the views all the way to Dingbouche and were happy to arrive when we did as it started snowing soon thereafter!  We had to wait until almost 5:00 p.m. for the tea house to fire up the heat (a wood-burning stove which burns yak dung instead of wood as there are no trees at this altitude….).  We taught the rest of the group “Farkle” and then headed to bed after filling up on nak-cheese pizza.  Another great day in the mountains!!!!

Mountain Goat
Pangbouche Village
Lama blessing for us
on the way to Dingboche
Carisa and Ryan (Background Dingbouche)