31st Dec, 2010 - Frist Day Trekking

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Frist Day Trekking

First day trekking! We had a nice breakfast at the Fish Tail Lodge overlooking lake Phewa then met Ang Dawa, hopped in a taxi and drove to Nayapul. The drive was very exciting, let’s say! Up, down and around the hills we went. The road was windier than any in Pittsburgh or San Francisco, and was not paved altogether. In short, it was a curvy, bumpy ride – with incredible views of the hills and valleys of this region of Nepal. We met our porters at Nayapul, and after a cup of tea, started on our trek. The path we follwed was variously stones or dirt and wound its way through numerous small villages. We followed a river most of the way and saw rapids and waterfalls aplenty. We stopped at a restaurant by the river for lunch, where we had pizza (!) though, as often happens, Jen was surprised to find tomatoes on the pizza, which she does not like. We pressed on after lunch, and the path turned into steps. Many steps. We stopped a few times to take in the view and to catch our breath, and finally came to a rest for the day at Hille (we stopped a little early because it was raining), where we will spend the night at a small inn along the trail. That’s where we are writing this from right now! Time for some rest and relaxation. We continue the trek in the morning, heading to Gorepani.
(Brendan (and Jen)

at Birethanti crossing metal bridge
walking throuhg the river side
crossing new vehicle road
on the way up to Hille