10th November, 2010- From Chisapani

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From Chisapani

This is our last report from Nepal. Yet again we have been both up and down. The sun has shown for half of the day before the clouds came in to help cool us off. Well what are our thoughts? We have had a great time fresh air lots of exercise beautiful views round almost every corner.  As Peter said yesterday when we only walked for five hours if we had suggested to him at home a five hour walk he would have thought that we were stark raving mad but here he was thinking wow only 5hrs. In short we have gone early to bed, risen early spent all day outside,eaten healthy food with almost no meat or dairy products, we have refrained from alcohol  and coffee and feel all the better for it. Having said which we are all looking forward to a shower and clean clothes. We have only met one other family but would not hesitate to recommend this type of holiday to other families if they are interested in the outdoors.

at kutumsang
Sunset view from Kutumsang


on the way down to Pati Banjyang
way to Chisapani