8th November, 2010 -Namche Bazar to Manjo

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Namche Bazar - Manjo

This morning we took it easy since today’s schedule wasn’t that tight.
We started the descent from Namche bazaar at 11.00 am after some shopping at the local market. We went down, down, down all day and we met lots of people and yaks going up. At one very step and narrow point, just before the highest of the suspension bridges we got caught in a real traffic jam. There were donkeys, yaks and porters everywhere and we couldn’t get forward for at least half an hour. Along the way we cooled off with some fresh water in our faces from springs pouring down from the mountains. Eventually we exited Sagaramatha National park (Mount Everest National park) for this time, but it will hopefully not be the last!


back from Namche
Baba circus clown