21st October, 2010- Namche

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After reaching the main targets of this trekk, stumbling down to The Himalayan Lodge in Pangboche was a true relief. The lodge is a high class, cosy, fresh spot in Nepali mountain standards. And the hot shower, so much better than the bucket you had to pour water over yourself with in Gorak Shep at 5100.

For the first time on the trip we ate Yak meat and drank delicious red wine. Linus woke up as a new man, reinforced and back to normal he bounced of to the seven hour walk ahead of us.

The early morning in Pangboche left of with a dog that followed us an hour or two. It seemed he wanted to follow us to Lukla. But he left of an instead we were accompanied by the harmonizing songs of our Sherpas guiding us in the seven hour walk towards Namche Bazar.

In Thyangboche, we took a lunch break and I went to the Buddhist Temple where I accidently flashed my Iphone, very soon ten buddhist munks were crowding me and testing all the apps I normally let my son play with. We shot a short movie, took some great pictures and exchanged email adresses.

Arriving at Namche Bazar was like coming to a big city and we celebrated with a well deserved cold scandinavian Tuborg beer.   

Top of the Namche
Ivan reading mani wall