20th October, 2010- Kala Phatar

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Kala Phatar

Such a clear guidance by the stars. Me on the other hand, didnt feel the same will to take risks of slipping on any of the frosty stones on the way to the top. The climb was agressive and The goal of this early morning was to reach Kala Phatar at 5545 m.a.s.

Started walking at 4:00 this morning and had to wake up our super-guide Tendi Sherpa, who actually overslept for the first time. The sky was filled with thousands of clearly visible stars, not a single cloud. Its amazing that a amateur camera actually can capture a clear shot of the sky, usable for any astronomer.

Sherpa Karma that walked with me didnt carry a headlight. There is no need when there is very steep. Endurance is a word that not often comes to mind at this time in the morning. But we had it, me and Karma. Karma is actually the name of the Sherpa that followed me up, and in a way, we actually dont carry any thing else than that in our lives. It became more obvious by walking with him.

Daylight started to slowly spread over the sky and some far away snow capped mountains glaced and lighted up our path. Right after six and I felt we had to hurry to make it to the top before the sun would rise over the greatest mountain in the world.
The two other guys in our team had to stop and climb down, before this morning. Only me and Ulrika had the fortune of not feeling high altitiude sickness. Ulrika decided to climb down with her man though, which any person would want from his or her partner. The safety and caring of love.

Me and Karma were closing in to the top after a few hours and there was two cameramen there already standing ready to capture the sunrise over one of the wonders of the world. At the top of Khala Phatar, I felt a slight sense of something inexcplicable that resulted in a tear in the eye. I guess its a mix of feelings by being at the highest top I (probably) will ever climb, the exhaustion, a strange feeling of power at the same time as you realize how small you are, the impact of the view, the high altitude and other feelings.

We were only five at the top, at this time, awaiting the worlds rotation in order to deliver to us a view of the sunrise over Mount Everest. It was freezing, and loads of people started to crowd the spot. People took turns in asking eachother to take shots of eachother at this great spot.

Finally the sun rose and sprung some sunbeams over the top, casting a shadow over the sky. It was well worth the wait and the effort to climb this mountain. This view is something anyone who lived it, never will forget.

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