16th October, 2010- HEADS DOWN RAIN GEAR ON

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Leaving Tengboche surrounded by clouds and fog. It’s getting chilly and again we are reminded about how small we are in this landscape.

Not soon after leaving Tengboche the rain starts to fall from the sky and it’s now time for us to put on the rain gear for the first time. Perhaps is this a sign for more bad weather the further up we go.

After not feeling so good because of the high altitude we stop for a longer lunch and rest Shomari. Some garlic soup and playing children in the tea house makes the spirit to go up enough to make a last push for the day, heading against Dingboche that we’re entering around 2 pm.

Together with the Sherpas we gather around the fire place to warm our bodies, clothes and to regain some spirit for tomorrow.

Theo Bergquist – Fellow Trekker

going to Dingboche
Near the Dingboche