Sunday , June 13, 2010 - Arrived in Kathmandu

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  Arrived in Kathmandu

Dinner: kilery’s

The trip begins on Sunday, June 13th at 6:30pm when Tendi Sherpa and his team arrive at the Hotel Norbu Linka to give us the low down on our weeks trek to Poon Hill.  Our team arrived in phases; Cheryl and Heather Mac from Marin, Heather H from Berkeley by way of Dubia, and Joshua from Boston all met first in the Dehli airport; Judy and Alisa arrived around 3 both from San Diego; and Spencer who is from San Francisco and Ezekiel from New York, arrived from Dubia just in time for our meeting.  Once fully briefed we all headed out for night on the town with Tendi and his team.  An excellent beginning in deed, then it was off to bed to rest up for our big adventure the Annapurna region.