28th April, 2010- Pheriche to Namche

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Group on the way to Namche

Pheriche to Namche

We motored today, covering a lot of ground from Pheriche to Namche with the promise of hot showers and cold beer at the end.  Our only hold-ups were a few yak or zopkyo trains.  The yak trains are truly amazing as they carry up to 300 lbs of almost anything you can imagine going  to villages further up the trail. Almost as amazing are the human packers that carry an almost unbelievable amount of everything from sheets of plywood, water, beer and fuel. We are told these porters can carry up to three times their own weight. As we make our way up or down the trail completely out of breath and thinking that we are doing something special, we are reminded how strong the local Sherpas are.

Buddha's Pictures at Monastery of Ani Gomb

On the way to Tengboche, we stopped at the small monastery of Ani Gomba.  It was a smaller space than the larger Tengboche monastery up the hill, but the smaller space seemed more intimate.  And the lack of other tourists traipsing through made the moment more special.

We stopped for lunch again at Phunki Thenga – a good light lunch of fried rice and potatoes.  From there, we took off up from the river, climbing back up to the elevation of Namche.   One unnamed member of our group had an extra spring in his step thanks to a bit of Viagra from Dr. Hackett at the Pheriche clinic.  Viagra is good for dealing with altitude – who knew?

By now we were covering familiar territory, and weather was setting in, so we laid our ears back and headed for the barn.  It’s amazing how good we all felt hustling through 11,000 to 12,000 feet in elevation after being in the more rarified air. 

Rain started to fall after we hit our refuge in the Khumbu Lodge in Namche. As soon as we arrived at our hotel we hoisted our first beers in over a week. Those were the best beers in a long long time.  Tomorrow promises to be another haul as we head to trek’s end in Lukla.


Baby playing balloon at Phunki Thenga