03 April, 2010 - Finally solve our problems with the SAT phone

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Mingmar and I put in sections of fixed line above camp 1 to a point just below camp 2.  We got back to base camp by 6 pm, just as darkness fell.  We needed more quality fixed line for the last section up to camp 2, so I have hiked back down to Namche to get some.  We also needed a charger for the SAT phone which I had hoped would be in Namche. 
Unfortunately there were only adapter plugs, which would not work with the solar panels I brought.  Fortunately Ngima was at Namche with David Brashers and they had an extra charger and gave it to me.  This should finally solve our problems with the SAT phone.
Tomorrow I will hike back up to base camp.  Today Mingmar is trying to talk the two expeditions (one Japanese and one Spanish) that have been moving to base camp into supplying some fixed line.  They did not have anything other than poly line, but with the rope I got here in Namche that should be all we need to finish the route.  On April 5th Mingmar and I would be able to go back up to camp 1 and than finish the route to camp 2 and beyond.
If all works well with the SAT phone charger we will be able to keep up with the updates.