21 March, 2010 - Hike to Namche

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The hike to Namche (3440 m) took four hours.  We arrived at the Khumbu lodge in time to check into our rooms and have lunch.  I have stayed at this lodge before and really appreciate a chance to have your own bathroom, hot shower and a bed with sheets and blankets.  The weather was again clear with only a few clouds around the higher peaks.  By the time I got to Namche I was starting to feel the effects of typical travelers illness.  I ate lunch and than walked around Namche for a while.  After dinner the chills started and I had a night of chills and the rest.  By this morning (22nd) I was doing better. 

We stayed at Namche today.  I spent most of the day resting and drinking lots of liquids.  The weather today was not clear.  Most of the day Namche was in the clouds.  Our plan to stay two nights in Namche gives Pasang time to get to base camp a day ahead of us and set up camp.