September 28, 2006 -Tengboche

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Khumjung - tengboche

This was a very special day we decent more then 600mtr to the river only to climb it all back again.

When we reached Tengboche we saw for the first time the Everest peak. We visited the biggest monastery in Khumbu area. The walls of the monastery are decorated wall paintings. The paintings are very colorful and full with details and one can never stop looking at them.

We had finest day by visiting the local museum, there we saw many things and among them is saying "help if you can but if you can't, don't make it harder".

Today we met Wongchu sherpa, the owner of Peak Promotion. Wongchu arrived in Tengboche in one day from Kathmandu. He flew to Lukla and walked all the way to Tengboche. Wongchu will go to accompanying with us for entire our trip to Everest base camp. Because our guide Mingmar Dorjee Sherpa left this morning to go to climbing the virgin peak Called Nangpaigosum(7350Mtr).