21 December, 2005 Wednesday: Nepal Tourism Board Feliciate David Breashears...

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Today, Nepal Tourism Board, a tourism promotional organization, organized a felicitation program to honor David Breashears in the morning. His admirable work in the field of Mountaineering and film making in Nepal, helped Nepal to promote adventure-tourism worldwide. On his speech, He also talked about his experience in Nepal. He told that Nepal is a safe destination for tourists. There is not any fear to travel in Nepal. Wongchu Sherpa also gave thanks to David for his unforgettable works in Nepal. David showed his book "High Exposure", a biography of his experiences in the adventures on Everest and other places, and "Everest: Mountian Without Mercy" the book which includes after words by David to all those people who are attended the felicitation Program. He also announced that the documentary film “The 1996 Mount Everest Tragedy”, will be releasing soon.


With the medal that he got from King and the felicitation by Nepal Tourism Board, he departed from Kathmandu for home in a happy mood.