20 December, 2005 Tuesday: Happy Birthday David...

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Today is David’s 50th birthday. Now he is 50 years old and Peak Promotion organized a grand party. Peak Promotion team gathered at the Rum Doodle restaurant and hosted a special party for David's Golden Jubilee Birthday.

After dinner, while it was time for desert, Erin brought the Birthday Cake which was ordered by Peak Promotion. It was a surprise Birthday Cake for David. Arrival of David's birthday cake on our table started the birthday song. Everybody started singing“Happy Birthday to You…., Happy Birthday to You…., Happy Birthday to You Dear David…. Happy Birthday to You……… It was followed by many Khadas, birthday wishes and birthday presents to David. David was surprised and with his imitable smile, he was giving thanks to all of us. The Portuguese group sitting next to our table also gave birthday wishes to David.

Wongchu Sherpa passed the medal and the certificate which is given to David by His Majesty the King, Gyanandra BB Shah. David was not able receive the medal from King Gyanandra. Wongchu had collected the medal for David. So, Wongchu Sherpa gave it to David in the occasion of his 50th birthday. David is the only mountaineer who received the medal from the Nepalese King, this year, among the mountaineering community of the world. David opened all birthday presents. He liked them very much. David announced that it was his best birthday party ever and he will always remember this birthday party.

Peak Promotion family is glad to Celebrate David’s golden jubilee birthday in Nepal. We wish him a very successful life.