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About Wongchu and David


Wongchu Sherpa started working with David Breashears for the first time in Everest Base Camp in 1984. Wongchu again worked with David in 1986. David had an expedition team for Mt. Everest from North Ridge and at the same time he was in a project for a documentary for BBC. Thenafter their good partnership in professional organization continued.

David and Wongchu again worked together in 1987 and 1990. That time David's team was making film about Mallory and Irvine in 1987. Wongchu was the Climbing Sherpa on this expedition. In 1990 Wongchu was the Sirdar while David was shooting the film for BBC presenting Brian Blessed on the footsteps of George Mallory.

David and Wongchu have a good tune up, both working as the leader on their sides. David leading the expedition team and Wongchu leading the Sherpa Climbers has become a fortunate tune up and all of the expeditions they did together have become surprisingly successful.

All of the expeditions they did, Vaceline research Kangsung Face expedition in 1994, David Breashears Everest Expedition in 1995 and most importantly the 1996 Everest IMAX Filming expedition became very successful. In 1996 there was a big disaster on Everest and 8 people died where IMAX Film Team was fully involved to help the mountaineers in disaster securely. IMAX Filming team was totally safe and the team safely climbed to the top, filming along the way with great achievement and great filming that was relaesed in 1998 and become extremly succesful. Wongchu had also worked with David for climbing Mt. Kilimanajaro as Climbing Leader for Kilimanajaro IMAX Film Project. In 2004 David and Wongchu worked together as Director of Photography and Leader respectively in Working Title Everest Filming Expedition with Universal Studios. Until now they have a good acquaintance.

His Majesty the King of Nepal recently awarded David with Gorkha Dakshin Bahu for his great work making film in Nepal, which has helped Nepal to be famous around the world and gain tourism. Wongchu Sherpa also was awarded with Gorkha Dakshin Bahu for his great involvement in the field of mountaineering and social service.

David and Wongchu have strong leadership. They both are very good in command in their respective fields. They both have very good reputation in the mountaineering field and they both have kind heart to help others.