Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

7 April 2009: EBC is getting closer and the lack of oxygen is becoming very obvious

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Gorak Shep

The trail to Gorak Shep was covered with fresh snow from the storm the previous afternoon, but the going was good. EBC is getting closer and the lack of oxygen is becoming very obvious. We were suppose to go up to kaala Patar this afternoon, but Pemba made an executive decision not to go due to poor visibility and bad weather. I second the motion even before he was done with his statement because I was a bit haggard.

Pembe on his way to Gorak Shep

At the Himalayan lodge I ran into several IMG Sherpas and an Henry Todd guide who recognized me from last year, as well as a Jamaican guy who now resides in London. Shiri and Daniel, an Israeli couple I met in Dingboche, and I hung out most of the time in the lodge. Daniel is climbing Everest and Shiri is doing Island Peak.


Daniel and Shiri from Israel and Rohan

When we got to Gorak Shep, we took a few items for the night and Phula went directly to EBC and came back to Gorak Shep to meet us by mid-afternoon. He wanted to leave for Pheriche tonight, but Pemba and I wouldn't have that, due to the bad weather.

Descending into Gorak Shep