03 December, 2005 Saturday: Packed up David’s items for his stay alone at Everest B.C.

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03 December, 2005,
Everest Base Camp

On the team’s third day in Gorak Shep, they packed up David’s items for his stay alone at Everest Base Camp and hiked the two and a half hours to Base Camp from Gorak Shep. Once at Base Camp, the team cleared a flat spot for David’s tent amidst the rolling hills of rock that make up Base Camp and built a laffsu to hold up the prayer flags for the puja ceremony. The laffsu includes a shelf on which to burn juniper as an offering for good luck and good weather. Once the juniper was burned and the prayer flags secured, David began his stay at Base Camp collecting and melting ice for his thermos. The group posed for a team photo at the new tent site before half the group headed back to Gorak Shep and the other half stayed with David to shoot some nighttime shots of Everest Base Camp. The day was warm and without wind, which meant that the team had a good day of filming and setting up Base Camp.