30 November, 2005 Wednesday: Dingboche- Lobuche...

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On the way to Lobuche, the camera crew visited a local Sherpa living in a Yersha, a traditional Nepali yak farm built for the monsoon season. After tea and some filming there, the team headed on to Thukla, where they ate a quick lunch before starting up the massive hill leading from Thukla up to a collection of chortens and memorials, including the memorials built for Scott Fischer, Lopsang Jangbu Sherpa, and more recently, Babu Chhiri Sherpa, one of the most famous Sherpas, who has three world records in mountaineering to his name and died in 29 April, 2001

After the memorials, the team moved on toward Lobuche, where David cooked a fantastic pasta puttanesca for the team. Anchovies, capers and all. The night in Lobuche was one of the coldest yet. Water left in nalgene bottles on the nightstands were frozen by the morning!