Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

28 May 2008: We are leaving base camp today!

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During the night it rained hard for a while, but it is clear this morning. It is so nice to see green trees and there are still some rhododendrons blooming. We will hike to Namche today, which should be a little shorter day than yesterday. The day remained dry and mostly clears for the entire day.

The trail had some up and down today on the way to Namche. Overall most of the day was down hill and we arrived in Namche shortly after lunchtime. As we dropped in elevation our hunger level continued to increase. When we got to Namche we were all ready for lunch.

The Sherpa's went to a small restaurant in Namche for their lunch and consumed a large number of potato pancakes. Each on of them ate 10 potato pancakes over a three-hour period. It takes three potatoes per potato pancake so the total potatoes eaten were 120 potatoes or 30 each. There were also a few cold beers drank in order to wash down the pancakes.

Steve, Ann and I ate at the Khumbu Lodge in Namche and had nice long showers after the days hike. Lager in the evening the Sherpa's joined us for a few more celebratory drinks and dinner.