Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

27 May 2008: I will catch up with everyone else later when I get back home!

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This morning Pemba headed up to camp one early. He was back at base camp before lunch with the final load on the mountain. We can now all fully relax since no one will be going up through the icefall again on this trip. All around our camp you had yaks being loaded for many of the expeditions as they ended their trip. In our camp the HRA tent camp down and our staff were busy getting things ready for our departure tomorrow.

I got my shower and clean clothes and than began packing for that departure. We plan to take three days from here to Lukla and than fly to Kathmandu on the 30th.

I would like to note a few items that have been on my mind since our summit day. I want to thank Vegas Fuel again for their sponsorship of this cybercast. That really means a huge thanks to Rob Diehl and Max Naylor. Rob was going to be on this climb with me up until less than a week of my departure, but due to some personal problems he had to back out. He is the reason that I had three Sherpa’s on this trip. Without his financial support I would have had two at best. That is a significant reason for me reaching the summit. Max Naylor is the driver for the NHRA Pro Stock – Max Naylor Racing Team. Vegas Fuel is one of his sponsors and Rob does marketing for Max and Vegas Fuel. If you get a chance to go to one of the NHRA races be sure to look Max up. He is a great guy and very popular on the circuit. He is also a friend of mine.

I also want to note that I did put a prayer flag on the summit for a very good friend of mine and said a prayer for him (he will know who I am talking about when he reads this). I hope it works as well as the prayer Pemba said when we were on the South Col.

I want to thank Doctor Aliza Michaels for all your care this past year. My frostbite from Cho Oyu healed up well and I want you to know that I don’t have any frostbite from this trip. See you in June for my next appointment.

I will catch up with everyone else later when I get back home!