Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

25 May 2008: Today is the last day on the mountain for me...

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Today is the last day on the mountain for me. Ngima and I left camp two on our way down to base camp fully loaded with gear. For me it was a heavy load of nearly all of my gear. Compared to the Sherpa’s it was light, but plenty for me (around 70 pounds). I was not very fast, but with the end in sight I didn’t feel pushed. At the bottom of the ice fall we were met by Karma (cook helper at base camp) and another Sherpa to give us drinks and take our packs on to camp. A great end of the climb.
Kame, Mingmar and Pemba got down later, since they had the rest of camp two to pack up and bring down. We were all very surprised when they told us they had gotten all but one load off the mountain. Tomorrow morning Pemba will go back up to get the final load to base camp.
We all had drinks (including some great cold beer) and plenty to eat. Several also got their showers today. I decided to wait until tomorrow for that and enjoyed our celebration of success and safety on the mountain. I made two major goals – summit and no frostbite!