Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

24 May 2008: This morning we slept in until the sun hit our tents...

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This morning we slept in until the sun hit our tents. We had hot drinks and packed up. Today everything at camp four and three will get packed down to camp two. We were headed down from camp four by 9 AM.

Still a bit tired from yesterday’s efforts I plodded down using oxygen to camp three. At time I took the mask off because visibility is not very good, it is especially hard to see your feet. That makes the steep slopes of the Lhotse Face rather challenging. After the long descent (over 4,700 feet) I made it to camp two at 3 PM. Just prior to camp two Kame met me with a cold squirt and carried my pack on into camp.



At camp two I put on some clean clothes and proceeded to eat and drink everything that Pemba brought to my tent.

Later in the evening I sat in the dinning / cooking tent where the five of us enjoyed our last meal as a team on the mountain. Our meal included a chocolate cake that Pemba baked after we arrived earlier in the day.

After dinner I got my nightly hot water bottle as mentioned before (girl friend) to keep my feet warm at night. Than I did some reading and off to a good nights sleep.