Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

19 May 2008: We were up at 5 AM for our summit push...

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We were up at 5 AM for our summit push. Ngima, Pemba and I will go up to camp two today. Everyone in our camp got up to see us off a 6 AM. I placed the Kata that Heather gave me when she came up to base camp on our Puga monument before leaving. She had it blessed by a monk in Tengboche. We all shook hands and headed up the mountain.

We made it through the ice fall and to camp one in less than four hours. At camp one we took a break for drinks and snacks. Pemba and Ngima brought along some Sprite which was very good. Add goo and candy bars to that and the walk up to camp two was quite easy.

We arrived at camp two at 1:40 AM after a nice steady pace up the Western Cum. The weather was really on our side today. After a clear start it clouded up, so we had little direct sun to bake us on our way up. We even got a light breeze in the Western Cum, which made a steady pace possible.

Once at camp two I got moved back into my tent and nearly fell asleep before Ngima called me for lunch. Lots of drinks and soup too care of my lunch. Pemba fixed a more filling lunch for Ngima and himself. I plan to watch what I eat carefully on the way up. For dinner I have and assortment of Freeze Dried meals. I am doing all I can to avoid the previous problems at camp two and three.

After lunch we are getting light snow. I will read and nap until dinner around 6 PM. In an effort to avoid stomach problems I am eating Freeze Dried dinners. That has worked in the past so I hope for the best.

By dinner time the snow quit and we are in the clouds – very foggy. Pemba made our evening call to base camp and all is well. The extended forecast is for good weather May 22 – 25. At this point the 22nd is still our planned summit day. We got word that 16 people were working to evacuate and ill climber from camp one down through the ice fall to base camp. We hope all goes well and safely.

We saw folks moving up to the South Col today and many going up to camp three. There is no doubt about crowds up high.