Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

17 May 2008: We are now in position for our summit push...

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Clear first thing this morning, but it quickly clouded up by 8:30 AM. Very early this morning you could hear climbers walking by our camp on their way up the mountain. By the time we got up you could see the many dots moving up the upper part of the ice fall. These climbers will be the first to make a summit attempt from the Nepal side.

Kame, Mingmar, Ngima and Pemba got back to base camp at 4:50 PM today. This morning they left camp two (21,201 feet) and carried gear all the way up to camp four (South Col – 25,938 feet) a gain of 4,737 feet. After that they descended 8,340 feet. Very few of the climbers up here other than Sherpa’s would be capable of this. Especially when you consider that they carried a load of about 60 pounds up to the South Col.


We are now in position for our summit push. Two of the four Sherpa’s will rest for the next two days. Ngima and Pemba will go up to camp two with me Monday morning (5/19).

This evening Steve, Anna and I watched a movie after dinner. Mingmar was still up sorting pictures for the cyber cast. We will get caught up tomorrow.