Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

16 May 2008: Today was a rest day for everyone...

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Today was a rest day for everyone. I remain at base camp trying to eat as much as I can. My goal is to lose no more weight and try to regain some strength for the summit push. Kame, Mingma, Ngima and Pemba stayed at camp two today to rest. Tomorrow they will make their second carry to camp four at the South Col (25,938 feet). Than they plan hope to come all the way back to base camp.

The weather today was beautiful for most of the day. It was very warm at base camp. People were even walking around in T shirts and shorts. We re-leveled some tents in our constant battle of the melting glacier as summer approaches. The look of base camp has really changed over the past 39 days since we arrived. There are growing ponds everywhere. All day and night you hear the cracking of the glacial ice under the camp. You also have fairly constant avalanches from the peaks that surround camp. The Khumbu ice fall also gives off its share of noise from the cracking and falling blocks.

By evening some clouds move in and the temperature drops, but not as cold as a month ago. Tomorrow the first of the large expeditions head up for their summit attempts. We all hope for good weather, success and especially safety. With so many expeditions pushing upward in a very restricted time frame we all are trying to coordinate our efforts to avoid problems up high. We have yet to see the real impact of the closure of the upper mountain through April to May 9th. If it works out safely it will only be due to the cooperation of the expeditions here this year.