Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

10 May 2008: Sherpas are hoping to make their first carry up to camp four...

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We are up at 3 AM for breakfast and tea. Chet got up to have tea with me before leaving. He will be going back to Kathmandu with Wonchu in a couple days. Back in Kathmandu he will be doing some orthopedic surgery with a doctor he met when we arrived in Kathmandu many weeks ago. Life in base camp gets a bit boring especially if you are not climbing anymore. He decided that getting to camp two was good, but he did not want to make any more trips through the icefall. Chet will certainly be missed here at base camp. Our group of Anna, Steve (HRA doctors), Chet and I have been good for passing time.

Ngima and I left a little after 4 AM. We arrived at camp two by 10:30 AM. Kame, Mingmar and Pemba were up at camp three setting up a tent along with some gear for camp four. They arrived back at camp two around 3 PM. We spent the remainder of the afternoon drinking and reading.

The next day Ngima and I are to go up to camp three. Mingmar, Kame and Pemba are hoping to make their first carry up to camp four.