Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

8 May 2008: Sherpa will carry gear up to camp three on 10th and set up two tents...

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This morning we finally got some good news about the Chinese. They reached the summit with 19 folks and believe it or not the Olympic torch. At around 7 AM we heard jets flying overhead. In the past this was a sign that they were at least climbing near the top. Word arrived in camp around 9 AM that they did summit. We also were told that there would be a meeting with the military at 3 PM hopefully to lift all the restrictions on climbing. There were 12 Sherpa’s at camp two that were allowed to start fixing the lines to camp three this morning. That should open the way for climbers in a few days.

At base camp Chet and I worked on the paths around our tents. I also emptied my tent and moved it so I could re-level the area as Chet had previously with his tent. It was good to get it cleaned out and re organized. After all of the rock work I got a shower before lunch time. It helped to have something to do to pass the time.
We should now be able to keep up better with the cyber cast and also check emails on a regular basis. We will also be able to use the SAT phone again from our camp. Everest base camp military occupation will be over!!!!
The email address I will be checking is dick_morse@live.com

Our short term schedule is for the Sherpa’s to go up to camp two tomorrow. They will carry gear up to camp three on 10th and set up two tents. I will go back up to camp two on the 10th or 11th and than on to camp three for at least one night. After that I will come back to base camp to rest for a few days. Finally we will pick our summit window and head up.