Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

6 May 2008: Chet emptied out his tent, re-leveled it and organized his gear...

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It was quite windy during the night up at camp two. You could hear the wind howling across the South face of Everest throughout the night and early morning. By morning the wind had diminished and you could hear Chinese jets flying overhead by 7 AM. We found out later that the Chinese had attempted to reach the summit last night, but were turned back by the wind.

This was just another acclimatization day at camp two. We plan to stay another night so I will have five nights up at this camp. Hopefully the next time I come up to camp two I will be able to go on to camp three.

Today we will again listen to music, read and rest. My tent is a bit messy so I will sweep it out to be clean for the next trip up. It has clouded up this afternoon with some light snow, but that is the typical afternoon up here. Tomorrow we go back down to base camp and wait for the Chinese to reach the summit.

Chet emptied out his tent, re-leveled it and organized his gear. This is a necessary thing to do as the glacier under base camp continues to melt away as summer nears. A trekking group with five members from Ann Arbor, Michigan arrived at base camp. This gave Chet more folks to talk with and pass the time. They had several friends in common to talk about.