Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

5 May 2008: here was about 4 to 6 inches of new snow in the ice fall...

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This morning Kame, Mingmar, Ngima, Pemba and I left base camp at 4 AM. We had a short stop at camp one 7:45 to 8 AM and then continued on up to camp two. When we left camp one we were in the sun with no wind. The hike up into the Western Cum to camp two was very hot. We shed clothes and took many breaks arriving at camp two just after 10 AM.

There was about 4 to 6 inches of new snow in the ice fall and on up to camp two. Even the South face of Everest was mainly whit this morning. After a quick lunch Kame and Ngima headed back down to base camp. Mingmar, Pemba and I listened to music, read and slept through the afternoon.

Chet had plenty of time back at base camp to think about his daughters (Autumn) birthday. She is 23 years old. After dinner he watched a movie with Anna and David (another HRA doctor from Pheriche).