Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

27 April 2008: Good news today form major Sunil and Nepalese authorities...

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All of us look forward to a few days of rest with no scheduled activity and no responsibilities. Baths today give each of us a whole new outlook on life resulting in smiles, sunny dispositions and everyone being extra friendly to one another. Today is also laundry day and clean underwear also has a direct effect on climbers’ personalities.

Good news today form major Sunil and Nepalese authorities who have outlined a plan for the next few weeks which should allow advancement to higher camps and hopefully adequate acclimatization. All guides and climbers appeared optimistic. Climbers will be allowed to continue going up to camp two and staying there until April 30th. No one will be allowed above base camp for May 1st and 2nd. No one not listed on climbing permits will be allowed to stay at base camp from May 1st to May 6th. There is still discussion about when the route to camp three and four will be allowed to be put in. The hope is that Sherpa’s will be allowed to put the route in to camp three after May 6th. SAT phones and satellite communication will

continue to be limited. All rules and restrictions will be lifted when the Chinese get their torch to the summit.