Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

24 April 2008: Bright and early Chet and Kame packed up at camp one...

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Bright and early Chet and Kame packed up at camp one and headed up to camp two. The route crosses a few ladders and than is an easy walk up the Western Cum for most of the distance. They arrived at camp two at 11 AM.

After breakfast at camp two Mingmar and I walked up through the site of camp two. It is located on the North side of the Western Cum, below the South face of Everest. Many camp sites have been roped off along the rocky moraine. Not very many climbers / clients are at camp two yet, but there are many Sherpa’s here. They are busy leveling areas on the rocky moraine for tents. It won’t be long before camp two looks a lot like a slightly version of base camp. The camp sites spread out for about one half mile along the glacier.


We could still see much of the trail from camp three to the South Col in the ice of the Lhotse Face from last fall. Mingmar got to talk with many of his friends as we walked through the developing camp sites.

Back at our camp we got busy leveling tents and getting the kitchen / dinning tent set up better for Pemba. When Chet and Kame arrived the Sherpa’s got a fourth tent set up for Chet.