Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

23 April 2008: This morning we went back up the Khumbu icefall...

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This morning we went back up the Khumbu icefall. Mingmar, Ngima, Pemba and I were heading to camp two. Chet and Kame were heading to camp one. The Sherpa’s and camp two cook (Pemba) were carrying about fifty pounds each. Chet and I carried light loads.

This was my fourth trip up the icefall and it was quite easy and only took about 3 ½ hours to get to camp one. Unfortunately at camp one I had to pick up all my gear from my previous trips up there. The Sherpa’s going on up to camp two with me also had to pick up additional food fuel and tents. From camp one to two I carried about 55 pounds while the Sherpa’s had over 70 pounds.

When we arrived at camp one Pemba fixed hot drinks and soup. By the time we left for camp two it was noon and getting very warm in the Western Cum. Without the heat and sun it would normally take about two hours to get from camp one to two but it took us nearly 3 ½ hours.

We arrived at 3 PM and set up a third tent and the kitchen / dinning tent. Our new high for the trip is now 21,201 feet. We all felt good especially after a hot meal and drinks.

Chet and Kame arrived at camp one about the same time we got to camp two. This was
Chet’s first trip all the way to camp one and he was feeling very good. This was very close to Chet’s highest elevation climbing. Chet and Kame moved into the tent at camp one for a well deserved rest. Their plan is to move on up to camp two the next day with the rest of us.

Camp two is certainly a new high point for Chet at 21,201 feet. Although a little tired he was feeling good. We all had a light lunch and finished settling into our camp.

Pemba fixed dinner and kept us all hydrated with many cups of tea. We set in our kitchen / dinning tent listening to the Sherpa’s talk and listen to Nepalese news. Neither Chet nor I understood Nepalese, but you could pick up a word now and then. We would than get an English explanation that would satisfy our curiosity.