Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

21 April 2008: Today is another rest day again for Chet and me...

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Today is another rest day again for Chet and me. We dried out our tents and gear. We also had well needed showers and basically took it easy all day. There was a lot of reading and we also played cards with Steve and Anna in the evening.

Our three Sherpa’s – Kame, Mingmar and Ngima along with Pemba (the camp two cook) carried gear up to camp two. They left at 5 AM and arrived at camp one at 8:30 AM. Ngima was not feeling well so he returned to base camp while the other three carried on to camp two, which took several more hours. They set up two tents and marked out with rope the area for our camp two.

They said that there were now more than one hundred tents at camp one. Many people were up there for the night tonight. At camp two many Sherpa’s were laying out campsites for their expeditions. It continues to look like a very crowded route this year with the Chinese side closed down. Tomorrow the Sherpa’s want to have a rest day.

We heard a rumor today that the Olympic torch had reached the Chinese base camp. The Nepal military told some Sherpa’s that the Chinese may try to reach the summit by the end of April. That would be great because it would lift the communication and climbing restrictions here on the Nepal side of Everest.