Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

13 April 2008: We departed base camp at about 8:45 AM...

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This morning we decided to go back up into the icefall. Chet is feeling much better so he decided to go along for his first trip into the Khumbu icefall. We had morning tea at 7:30 AM so we knew that we would be ascending in very warm conditions considering it was another clear morning. We departed base camp at about 8:45 AM.

Kame, Mingmar, Ngima, Chet and I walked through base camp to the start of the ice fall where we put on our crampons and started up. Chet got to experience the ladders in the icefall for the first time. Mingmar provided excellent instructions on the best way to cross the ladders. He also got to do some repels on his way back down. Kame, Ngima and I continued up the icefall. We went a little higher than yesterday and turned back at 11 AM. On our way down we caught up with Chet and Mingmar near the bottom of the icefall.

There was a meeting at 2 PM with leaders of all the expeditions here at base camp. The Liaison officer for IMG is also serving as the Liaison officer for the entire base camp. Two days ago the icefall doctors stopped just short of camp one. Many rumors were floating around camp about what was going on. This meeting was meant to answer some of those questions. After the meeting, which was mainly the Liaison officer trying to explain what was going on, we still had many questions. The bottom line is that we may know more tomorrow when some members of the Nepal military arrive at base camp. Hopefully we will be allowed to start carrying loads up to camp one and actually continue on up to higher camps.

More to come tomorrow?